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The year is 1450.

The New Kingdoms, in the west, are separated from Boldenwald to the east, by a mountain range called the Mundines, and a great river known as the Severin. Boldenwald is the general name given to the Forest of the Goblins, or Kobolds (much the same thing in this campaign). Few human beings have set foot in there in many hundreds of years.

All of Boldenwald was once occupied by human kingdoms, such as Salen, Mundina and Corin, six hundred years in the past, but history tells that the goblins invaded and killed or enslaved many people and overthrew all the towns and cities. The remainder of the people all fled westward, to lands beyond the mountains and across the river.

In the past ten years, change has been at work in Boldenwald, and rumors are emerging from the border fortresses, of civil unrest among the goblin tribes, of a disease that has ravaged their numbers, and even that they have finally denuded the forest so badly that it can no longer sustain them. Their raids are decreasing, and their night-time fires are seen in fewer and fewer numbers.

Whatever the case, it seems that the time is now right for parties of bold adventurers to enter the goblin lands and seek to reclaim the ancient human territory beyond the Great River and the Mundine Range…a place where no-one has been since the 9th century, except for traitors, madmen, liars and fools….

Most such adventurers have set out from Calder’s Wall, a military base in the Kingdom of Yoll. North from there, some more have tried their luck reclaiming the ancient catacombs of Esbe, a holy site for the Church. Others parties have set out from Bad Step, South Vanie,. Red Oak, Hometown and Undervaldt.

Rumors about the goblin lands abound. In particular, it is said that monsters dwell there, in addition to goblins and their kin; shape-changers, giants, hags, and even dragons. Further, it is said that many great hordes of treasure were hidden by humans fleeing the goblins and these now lay ripe for the picking. Finally, it is rumored that the people in the Old Kingdoms knew the secret of arcane magic, a thing that no human now possesses. If the party can find the ancient City of Corin where formerly the Black School was said to exist, they may be able to resurrect the lost art…

But all adventurers int Boldenwald must start somewhere. And for most, it is tramping through forest, crossing mountains, or even the great river itself, to arrive in an unknown world of magic and mystery on the other side…

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